Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The "M Studio"

Here's my new place to sew pillows, woodburn, mosaic, paint, and just CREATE! I love my "M Studio" (my daughter Maggie named it). Robert, my loving husband, finished out an area in the basement for me (banker by day, handyman on the weekends). My teenage son, David, so eloquently coined a tag line for the studio: "Where ugly things are welcome". Not how I feel AT ALL!... but he's very left brained and just doesn't fully grasp the creative side of life (but I'm still working on him!).

Here's a peek inside my Heaven Born cabinet where I have oodles of flannel, ribbon and all the components used to make the pillows. I saved the cardboard bolt holders from the fabric store so I could easily and neatly store all the many yards of fabric (the bolts are 2 deep on the shelf... that's a lot of flannel!).

Here's a fun wall that pays homage to the "M". A bit self-serving, I know, but I do have a fondness for the special letter and I look forward to someday passing my collection along to Maggie. She is incredibly creative and I fully expect her to carry on the family artist tradition. And it just so happens that the M's are perfect for her too (serendipity at work!).

Speaking of family artists, this photo shows my favorite thing that I own. It is a pair of wooden shoes that my beloved Dad made for me when I was a little girl. He bought them from Holland, Michigan and woodburned and painted the little dutch girl amongst brightly colored tulips and a windmill. I remember clomping around the house in them enjoying the loud racket they made. These shoes not only remind me of my childhood and part of my Dutch heritage, but more importantly, they remind me of my loving Dad who went to heaven August 13, 2004. He was incredibly artistic and spent his whole life creating beautiful things and living a life focused on faith and family. I miss him more than I can say.

Here's some sweet paper birds perched overhead. They're just a touch of whimsy and fun. And that is what the "M Studio" is all about; a place to let your creative wings expand and let your ideas take flight. I'm thankful for this special place that I can call all my own and yet share with all. Thanks for taking a look!.....